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Glen's golf research
Glen Osborne

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Do you pull or hook your golf shot?

What is the difference between the pull and the hook?

My golf friends have offered various views to this question. This has left me more confused than ever. I am looking for more answers from world-wide golfers. You can comment below and I will also try to comment in return.


greenfee said...

A pull is a shot that starts off straight or left and then veers off further left. Often caused by an out-to-in swing path. A hook starts off to the right and then "hooks" violently left. Often caused by an in-to-out swing path.
There are other causes of both shots including a strong grip causing the hook.

Anonymous said...

The previous answer to the question it TOTALLY incorrect!

A pull is a shot that starts left of target with NO curvature and a hook is a ball that starts ANYWHERE and then curves to the left, for a right-handed player.

In to out swings do NOT cause a hook as a swing that is out to in does NOT cause a slice or a fade.

Glen Osborne (admi) said...

I tend to agree more with the second post as to defining a pull. I have always thought that a pull has a straight ball flight.

A pull hook starts left and then curves left even more than the starting path.

A good swing path should be in-to-out which will produce a straight hit or a nice draw.

However, too flat of an in-to-out swing can become part of triggering a hook.

This "too flat" of a swing will have other factors contributing to a swing which is severely in-to-out. These other factors, at times, cause various bad results coming out of too flat of a swing.