Glen's golf research

Glen's golf research
Glen Osborne

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Martial Arts in Your Golf Swing

I have taught a minimum of 5 lessons (on average) to about 400 people (mostly beginners). Three students had an unusual background that enabled them to hit a golf ball the farthest with the least effort.

  • One has a Black Belt 6th degree in Tae Kwondo.
  • Another has a Black Belt 3rd degree in Karate.
  • Still another had a few years of Boxing years ago.
Being able to use little effort to swing a golf club gives you a better chance to be accurate with your golf shots.

I would like you to comment (or pose questions) as to why these three people could show such dramatic results with easy swings.

Note: The 2 martial arts athletes were beginners to golf when I taught them.

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